Crowdfund Insider: MIPIM Dubs Fundrise & CompStak Winners of Open Stage Conference Panel Competition

By Samantha Hurstm on January 13, 2015.

MIPIM announced on Tuesday (January 13th) the winners of the MIPIM Open Stage, which is a crowdsourcing operation calling on companies to suggest a conference panel subject related to the impact of big and open data on the property industry.

The winners are CompStak and Fundrise, who source information and investment from the crowd, similarly to Wikipedia and Kickstarter. US leaders in their field, the two companies jointly proposed a conference on “The power of the crowd – a game changer in commercial real estate.” Fundrise is a real estate crowdfunding and investment platform, while CompStak provides US property professionals with a database compiled from information collected from thousands of brokers. Their conference will take place on Thursday, March 12th.

Organized in partnership with Allianz Real Estate, this session “Towards the end of ownership?” will be held on March 5th. It will be part of MIPIM’s central “digital revolution” theme in 2015. This first crowdsourcing conference initiative at MIPIM has been a real success with 15 subject proposals and more than 12,000 votes. Alongside the CompStak/Fundrise proposal, three other entries were deemed to be outstanding and an additional session has been allocated in the conference program to discuss the impact of new technology on the real estate industry.

This new panel entitled “The impact of big and open data on the property industry” and taking place Friday, March 13th, will involve input from Canadian, US and Belgian companies. The Canadians Merchlar develop mobile applications for visualizing data using interactive technologies, the Americans provide augmented reality solutions for the property sector and the Belgians MCS address the specific needs of asset management using innovative software.

In addition to this exciting news, MIPIM also announced Nicolas Ferrary, CEO of Airbnb France – one of the success stories of the sharing economy for renting apartments – will be speaking as part of the MIPIM conference program. He will challenge MIPIM participants to reflect on the impact of the sharing economy on traditional ownership models.

MIPIM, the world’s leading property market, brings together all the key actors of the real estate business. Investors, developers, end-users, architects, hotel groups, public authorities and property associations gather in Cannes for four intensive days of networking, matchmaking and development of international business relations. It is not only an indicator of global market trends, but also an international marketplace creating dialogue between a variety of real estate professionals, generating new ideas and sealing contracts and projects.

MIPM has also established itself as an essential meeting place for city administrations who attend in order to both promote inward investment opportunities and discuss major key policy issues that urban conglomerations are facing around the world.