CompStak unveils enhanced platform for commercial real estate lease comparables research

New York – March 9, 2015 – CompStak, a commercial real estate data and analytics firm specializing in lease comparables, today unveiled its completely redesigned CompStak Enterprise platform. The new Enterprise delivers actionable market insight to lenders, landlords and investors in a streamlined interface designed to support advanced research and reporting.

CompStak rebuilt the Enterprise platform from the ground up in collaboration with industry experts across acquisitions, underwriting and asset management functions. Feedback was also gathered from top clients, such as AllianceBernstein, Beacon Capital, J. P. Morgan, Tishman Speyer, and Wells Fargo. The new platform delivers a number of new features requested by current clients:

  • Robust mapping tools for creating custom submarkets to provide users with greater clarity into competing properties.
  • New property profile pages that assemble all of the known lease comps for each address in one place to more easily understand a property’s cash flow and competitive position.
  • Tablet device and touch screen compatibility for on-the-go research.

“Our new Enterprise platform is particularly exciting because it lays the foundation for new offerings that help our customers very quickly evaluate investment opportunities, underwrite risk, and benchmark against the market. The new CompStak Enterprise truly elevates our product from a data tool to a decision making platform,” Michael Mandel, co-founder and CEO of CompStak said.

In the coming months, CompStak will continue to improve on the Enterprise platform with new analytical tools and data. Currently, subscribers can access deal-level transaction data from 14 major markets nationwide, including New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

To see the new features, request a demo at</a href>. Contact</a href> for more information.

About CompStak CompStak collects, verifies and standardizes commercial real estate lease comparables from a membership of thousands of brokers, appraisers and researchers who trade their data through CompStak Exchange. CompStak then delivers the full database of lease comps to lenders, owners and investors through CompStak Enterprise.