Analyze commercial real estate markets and properties by their tenants’ industries with new CompStak features

CompStak, the leader in crowdsourced commercial real estate (CRE) information, announced today the addition of its latest feature, predictive tenant industry modelling.

Beginning today, commercial real estate professionals across all CompStak markets can search for commercial lease comps by the industry of the tenants who signed the deals. This empowers members and clients to compare starting and effective rents of tenants across industries, buildings, and competitive sets. It provides visibility into which submarkets are becoming more attractive to various kinds of businesses. Additionally, it can help CRE professionals match the right tenant with the right space.

This new feature is the first of many improvements that are planned for the CompStak platform in the coming months. “Our new tenant industry classification model leverages the crowdsourced data for which we are known, combined with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that scour publicly available information to match the correct industry classifiers to tenant information,” Michael Mandel, co-founder and CEO, said. “At CompStak, we pride ourselves on not just the uniqueness of our data, but also the quality of the data we deliver. The increase in the velocity of our data received, combined with major advances by our data science team, has made it possible for us to roll out high value, unique tools. We have more improvements on their way in the near future.”

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